55+ years of Americana
Family Owned & Operated

Here's a story that's sure to come true when you make Americana Hotel your place to stay while in the DC area.

The History of Americana Hotel

Originally a 30-room motor hotel opened by William D. Green in 1963, Americana Hotel is among the first hotels to be built in what would later become Crystal City. Over the next few years, it expanded from it's humble beginnings into a full-fledged hotel complete with 102 guest rooms, and it remains so today.

americana seventies
Americana eighties
americana 2010

A Gem Among Crystal City Hotels

Picture a classic American family vacation. Dad driving. Mom in the passenger seat. Three kids in the back seat. All the windows rolled down and everyone filled with a sense of excitement and wonder as the family finally pulls in to the parking lot of Americana Hotel, the repeated destinations for at least three generations of families. With a classic neon sign emblazoned across the top of our hotel, there's no mistaking our presence.

Through the years and the changes, we have maintained our high standards of friendly service, affordable accommodations and value-rich amenities. We love offering our guests a small taste of a simpler past while providing all the modern-day amenities you expect. We are proud of how far we've come, and look forward to where we'll go in the future.