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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to resell my reservation and/or do you accept reservations from online resellers and/or can someone else check into my room?

No! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however we do not allow reservations to be resold or the name(s) of the registered guests to be changed after booking, whether on our website or one of our authorized OTA (online travel agencies) such as Booking or Expedia. It is just the same as an airline ticket, which you also cannot resell. Please do not purchase a room reservation from online resellers (such as Roomer or Cancelon) or anyone else in order to avoid disappointment. Only the person who initially booked the room will be allowed to check-in and will remain responsible for that reservation. Additionally, every reservation at Americana Hotel requires that the person whose name the reservation is in must be present at checkin and must present valid photo identification as well as a credit card in their name. These have been longstanding policies of Americana Hotel that help us provide the best rates, service, and security for our guests. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this important matter!

What's included in your continental breakfast?

We have a free cold continental breakfast available for guests from 6am to 10am. Although the contents vary based on season and availability, we generally offer 4 types of cereal, instant oatmeal, donuts, bagels, muffins, pastries, fresh fruit (generally apples, bananas, and oranges), coffee, tea, orange juice, apple juice, milk, and water. Please remember that this breakfast is FREE and is just designed to be a value add or special perk we provide for staying with us because we love our guests. On top of generally charging much higher prices than we do, most other hotels in the area do not have a free breakfast, and of course, dining out for only the breakfast items we provide would likely cost you at least $5 per person in this area. 

Why is your address Jefferson Davis Hwy but your entrance is on S. Eads?

When Americana Hotel opened in 1963, it had a pool directly in front of the lobby flanked by two driveways with direct access to Jefferson Davis Highway.  The State of Virginia ended up taking the front of the property to create a raised highway with the 15th Street Exit ramp you see in front of our property today.  We were forced to eliminate our two driveways and our pool, and create a new driveway onto S. Eads. St. at the back of our property.  We've never been issued a new address, despite no longer having access to Jefferson Davis Highway.

Do you offer free shuttle service to/from the airport?

Our complimentary shuttle service is available 7 days a week from 6am to 11pm.  It runs on the hour and half hour in the morning and on call the rest of the day. Most guests tip $1-2 per bag if the driver helps with their luggage, but this is completely up to your discretion. 

 In addition to Reagan National Airport, we are happy to take you to/from the Crystal City Metro Station, Pentagon City Shopping Mall, Pentagon Row, the Pentagon, Crystal Drive, and 23rd Street Restaurant Row, among other local destinations.  We do not go into Washington, D.C., but you can take the Metro there in just a few minutes.

For shuttle rides in the morning, we recommend being in the lobby 5-10 minutes ahead of time to have a better chance of getting a seat.  Our van holds 6 passengers, so if you have a large group, it may be more convenient and time saving for you to arrange your own transportation.

Do you have a business center or computer available for guest use?

We do not have a business center at this time but are considering adding one. We do have free wi-fi service available at the hotel, but you have to have your own electronic device to access it. If you need limited printing services (a boarding pass or directions), please ask the front desk for assistance.

Do you have a laundry service?

We have coin operated washing and drying machines available for guest use at Americana Hotel, and we sell single use boxes of detergent and fabric softener for at a nominal price. Please ask the front desk if you would like to use the laundry facilities.  Additionally, there is a dry cleaners located directly next door to Americana Hotel in the ground level of the Paramount building near Bank of America.

How can I get to Dulles or BWI airport?

You can take a taxi cab or other ride service such as Uber or a service called Super Shuttle to/from both airports. You can also take the Metro bus system from both airports.  Lastly, you can take a train from BWI to Union Station in Washington, DC and then take either a taxi cab to the hotel or the Metro subway train to the Crystal City Metro Station.  We are about 1 block from the Crystal City Metro Station, so you can either walk or call us for a complimentary ride in our shuttle.

How do we get to your hotel from the airport (DCA) and where do we have to wait?

You may walk (about 1 mile), take a taxi or other ride service (about $10), the metro/subway/underground (1 stop to the Crystal City Metro Station), or call for our complimentary shuttle service between 6am and 11pm (703-979-3772).  

If you would like us to pick you up, please call us so we can tell you where to wait for the shuttle van depending on the airline you flew in on.  Generally, if you are in the old terminal, you just go outside to the hotel shuttle pick-up area. If you are in the new terminal, please follow the signs to the hotel shuttle pickup area, as they have been changing the area recently. Look for our wrapped Americana Hotel shuttle van with lots of bright colors. If you have any questions or need help at all, please call us at 703-979-3772!

Do you have onsite parking? How much is it?

Yes. In addition to free wi-fi, free shuttle service, and free continental breakfast, we offer FREE PARKING to our guests.  We also have large vehicle parking available (fee may apply) for your tour bus, school bus, tractor trailer, u-haul, etc.

Please inform the front desk if you have a car so we can give you a parking pass.  Our lot is monitored by a towing company who will tow any cars without a pass displayed in the windshield.  We do NOT receive a commission or any fee off the towing services; it is an unfortunate requirement of being in a highly sought after location.  If the lot was not monitored, we wouldn't have room for our guests because so many other people would park here.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we want the space to be there for you when you are staying with us.  

NOTE: We cannot do anything about the towing fee once the car has been towed, so PLEASE DISPLAY YOUR PASS AT ALL TIMES!

Are phone calls free?

No, but the fees are very reasonable.  We are not trying to make money off the phone system, but we do need to collect enough money to pay the bill.

Do the rooms have a fridge and/or microwave and/or coffee maker?

We have mini-fridges in every room. Unfortunately, being built in 1963, our electrical system cannot handle the load from all the modern appliances we like to use today, and though we are in the planning stages of upgrading that system, we currently do not have a microwave or coffee maker in any of the rooms. We have done our best to work around this by having a microwave in the lobby area as well as a 24/7 coffee/tea service in the lobby. Please inquire at the front desk if you would like to use the microwave, and they will direct you to it.

What forms of payment are accepted to pay for my room?

We accept most forms of payment, including cash, travelers checks, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Diners Club).  There is a Bank of America at the end of the driveway if you need an ATM.  We do not accept personal checks and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Where can we eat? Are there restaurants close by?

There are lots of restaurants close by! If you really want something close, next door in the Embassy suites is the Crystal Grille.  Otherwise, please check out our Area Overview or the Crystal City page for all the options.  You could stay here for months and never have to eat at the same place twice!

Do you allow early check-in and/or late check-out?

We try to accommodate early/late check-ins/outs whenever possible but cannot guarantee it.  Please call us and let us know what you are interested in doing and we'd be more than happy to try to help.

How do I get to the hotel?

Please see our Map & Directions page.

How can I get the best rate on a room?

We recommend booking on the Reservations page of our official website for the cheapest prices on a Washington, D.C. area hotel.  

We offer a variety Specials & Packages, including discounted nights for longer stays, discounts for booking direct, discounts for prepaying, and much more.  You can also "like" us on Facebook to hear about lots of great deals throughout the year!

If you'd like help planning your next Washington, D.C. trip, please call one of our friendly team members at 703-979-3772

Do you have ADA rooms?

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may cause, however we do not have any ADA rooms available at the hotel. Our property is compliant with laws and building codes in place at the time it was constructed in 1963, and many of the subsequent changes to these standards are not readily achievable, meaning that they are not “easily accomplishable and able to be carried out without much difficulty or expense.” As an example, the standard size and design of elevators has changed from what we have, but considering the elevator shaft is an open space of a certain size encased in concrete with rooms and public spaces around it, it is not readily achievable to be able to modify it to the size and design required in new construction in the present day. If you require ADA accommodations, most other hotels in the area, being much newer than us, would be a better fit.