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green hotel in arlington va
Free Amenities Save our Guests $$$:
  • Free Parking
  • Free Shuttle Service
  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Free Continental Breakfast
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Save Money While You Save the World at Our Green Hotel!

Keeping it green is a gas! In the last 50 years we have seen everything from harsh weather to wild policy changes over on Capitol Hill because of the environment. We're proud of our beautiful country and realize we need to take steps to ensure this land and this planet remain beautiful for another 50 years and for future generations. It just takes a few small changes to make a big difference. Here at Americana Hotel, we do our best to play our part as an eco-friendly, green hotel in Arlington, VA.

A Few Simple Ways We Keep It Green at Our Eco-Friendly Hotel in Arlington, VA

  • Providing Recycling Receptacles in Every Room
  • Using Energy-Efficient Lighting Throughout Property
  • Providing "On-Call" Shuttle Service in the Afternoon (Prevents Wasting Gas)

How You Can Choose to "Waste Not" in Your Guest Room

Just a few simple requests followed by a few simple signals and you can get in on the go-green journey with Americana Hotel. For instance, we provide helpful signs in your guest rooms encouraging you to reuse your towels and bed linens during your stay. Leave your towel on the rack to use it again. Leave your towel on the floor for it to be replaced. Place the provided card on your bed if you would like your linens changed.

Additionally, we stock double rooms with two of each of the bathroom towels with more available upon request in order to prevent the unnecessary washing of clean linens.

Less Waste Makes for Fresher Food at Breakfast Time

Instead of single-serve, packaged items, we cut down on waste by providing cereal, coffee, milk and juice dispensers in the breakfast area, along with freshly delivered bakery and fruit items. All of these practices not only greatly reduce transportation costs and packaging and food waste; they allow you to enjoy a fresher, healthier breakfast!