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Free Amenities Save our Guests $$$:
  • Free Parking
  • Free Shuttle Service
  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Free Continental Breakfast
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Green Initiatives

To make the world a better place it is important that we all do our part. The Americana Hotel is happy to have spent the previous 50 years serving our guests and we plan to continue well into the future, that is why we make every attempt to maintain green initiatives in our Washington DC area hotel. Stay with us and help us make a better future for the next generations of Americans and citizens of the world.

  • Recycling receptacles in every room.
  • Notices to housekeeping if guests want to reuse their towels.
  • Notices to housekeeping if guests want to reuse their bed linens during their stay.
  • Double rooms are stocked with 2 of each of the bathroom towels to prevent the unnecessary re-washing of clean linens (additional available upon request).
  • Energy efficient light bulbs.
  • On-call shuttle service in the afternoons to prevent wasted trips (trips with no passengers).
  • Cereal, coffee, milk, and juice dispensers in the breakfast area instead of single serve items, and freshly delivered bakery & fruit items instead of pre-packaged items greatly reduces transportation costs, packaging, and food waste, while simultaneously allowing us to offer fresher breakfast items to our guests.