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Classic Washington, DC Family Vacations

Nothing is more iconic or classic than those well-remembered Washington, DC family vacations most American adults hold dear. To provide such an experience for your family, you don't need to look any further than the Americana Hotel in Arlington, VA. We've made many Washington, DC family vacations an absolute blast over the past 50 years.

We Wig Out for Washington, DC Family Vacations

You definitely don't have to stay within the DC city limits to get the DC experience! Especially for families. It's less expensive and more convenient to stay with us, where you'll be near DC while enjoying incredible rates, comfortable accommodations and all the modern amenities your family needs.

Classic Arlington, VA & Washington, DC Family Vacations at a Glance

Your typical family outing may go like this:

Standard Washington DC Family Vacation for a Family of 4

  • Breakfast at a Diner - $40
  • Cab into the City - $20
  • Guided Capitol Tour - $60
  • Lunch - $60
  • Guided Tour around the Mall - $40
  • Dinner in DC - $80
  • Cab Fare Back to Hotel - $20
  • Average Hotel Rate per night - $140

TOTAL= $460

Americana Family Vacation for a Family of 4

  • Complimentary Breakfast - $0
  • Metro into City - $8
  • Free Walking Tour - $0
  • Lunch - $60
  • Smithsonian Museums - $0
  • Metro to Americana Hotel - $8
  • Dinner in Crystal City - $50
  • Night at Americana - $90

TOTAL= $216

Having friends on the inside helps you save money and get more out of your family vacation. Let our friendly staff be your Washington insider! We look forward to helping make your family vacation a treasured memory. We know you'll love staying with us too! Please contact us or make your reservations today.